Useful info

After settling into your new home, you will still have many things to do. Home Search will accompany and assist you with issues such as the following.

Alien Registration

Non-Japanese residents must register themselves at the ward office after settlement. Transportation to the ward office and assistance with all the documentation works will be provided.

Re-Entry Permit

When traveling abroad either for business or leisure, you will need to obtain a re-entry permit before your departure. If you do not have the re-entry permit, your alien registration will become invalid, and you will have to register yourself at the ward office again when you return. Re-entry permit can be processed at the immigration office after obtaining your alien registration. Again, transportation and assistance with the documentation works will be provided.

Opening Bank Account

It is getting very difficult for non-Japanese residents to open a new bank account. Most Japanese mega banks require proof that you have lived in Japan for over 6 months or more. Shinsei Bank and Citi Bank are recommended, for these banks are quite foreigner friendly in various ways. When requested, assistance with the documentation will be provided.

Getting Mobile Phone

To get your new mobile phone, you must have your alien registration card. It is recommended to visit a mobile phone shop in advance to confirm the types of phones fit for your needs and the various payment plans which can be quite complicated. At Soft Bank shops, there are many English speaking sales clerks. Again, if any difficulty arises, assistance can be provided.

Getting Commuting Pass (Teiki-ken)

Having a commuting pass is very convenient and economical if public transportation will be used for your daily commute. You can get up to 50% discount and it can be purchased at ticket vending machines at most stations. When requested, assistance can be provided.